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Cheat it All: A Young-Eater’s Guide to Good Food and More 

  • INR795 / £12.99 / $20 
  • ISBN: 978-93-85285-42-4
  • Size: 214 x 172 mm,
  • 240pp, 130gsm Art Paper (Matt)
  • 101 photographs
  • All colour
  • Flexiback
Written by a teenager, for youngsters who are ready to experiment and try their hand at cooking, this book, with its easy language and simple recipes, is the perfect start. It is the ultimate cheat guide for all those unwilling to give up on those amazingly delicious, drool-worthy favourites, yet conscious enough to watch those calories. With over a dozen celebrities sharing their fitness regime and diet advice, this book is a must-read.

Vedant Bahri


Vedant Bahri Born and brought up in Delhi, seventeen-year-old foodie and fitness freak Vedant Bahri’s life so far has weaved around his passion for food…and a lot of time spent in [...]

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