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Bodhena’s Adventures in Samsara: A Sannyasin Memoir

  • INR495 / £7.99 / $15
  • ISBN: 978-93-85285-35-6
  • Size: 225 x 148 mm,
  • 202pp, Bookprint
  • 16 colour & 16 b/w photographs
  • Paperback
This is a candid and honest account of a German seeker who has lived in the communes in Poona, India, and in Rajneeshpuram, Oregon.In a detached way, laced with a sense of humour, Bodhena describes how he found Osho and what life was like at Shree Rajneesh Ashram in the late 1970s. The author outlines how he continued on his path even after leaving the commune.

Swami Deva Bodhena


Swami Deva Bodhena Swami Deva Bodhena was born in Clausthal, Germany in 1948. After completing his MA in Geography and Regional Planning, he has lived in India, California, Oregon and Spain. In 1999 [...]

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