Project Description

Avey Varghese

Hailing from a traditional Christian family in Kerala, Avey Varghese was born and brought up in Ahmedabad, where he did his schooling. Later completed his Engineering from Bangalore where he worked for over a decade in the ITES. In early 2011, he shifted his base to Chennai when he discovered his innate veiled love for photography. Avey took his gingerly steps into the realm of framing moments with a simple point and shoot camera. The vivid colours of nature, azure skies and candid portraits found place in his frames in his initial days.In no time, he advanced into portfolios and celebrity shoots.

Photography consumed a greater space of his life and it escalated from being an ardent passion to an earnest profession. Avey’s snaps elucidate his eye for detail and impeccable framing, making them seem life-like and touches the soul of the beholder. His cosmopolitan stance and love for travelling made him an avid voyager; exploring many lands and capturing exquisite frames.

Books by Avey Varghese: