Book Cover
Dance Theatre of India
Crossing New Aesthetics and Cultures
Paper Type: 130 gsm art paper (matt) | Size: 228 x 228mm
All colour; 14 colour and 4 black and white photographs
ISBN-10: 93-86906-36-6 | ISBN-13: 978-93-86906-36-6

 650 |  20 |  14.99

At the heart of Indian literature, Dance Theatre of India by Katia Legeret Manochhaya, is a book where the author explores the various rasas of Bharatanatyam and other dance forms, both as a dancer and a researcher. In the milieu of diverse linguistic and cultural interpretations, the book is a field of experimentation where the modalities for expressions and cultural differences would forever reinvent themselves. The photographic portraits of various live dance performances throughout the book uphold the author’s perspective for the readers. As one browses through the pages, one is transported to a world of dance and drama reading the various expressions of the artists in colourful costumes narrating stories from all over the world. The examples proposed are linked with knowledge which derives from the erudition of Sanskrit texts or from the collective creativity of artists from several cultures of India and other countries. Like the art forms it discusses, the book is a transcultural piece of work in its very essence.