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Buddhist Paintings of Tun-Huang
In the National Museum, New Delhi
Paper Type: Art Paper (Matt) | Size: 311 x 241mm
All colour; 159 photographs and 8 illustrations
ISBN-10: 8192091236 | ISBN-13: 978-81-920912-3-5

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Tun-Huang is the dream child of the Avatamsaka tradition of contemplation as it unfolded in Bamiyan. This richly illustrated book examines the Tun-Huang Buddhist cave paintings at the National Museum in New Delhi.

Lokesh  Chandra
Lokesh Chandra
Lokesh Chandra is an internationally renowned scholar of Tibetan, Mongolian and Sino-Japanese Buddhism.A prolific writer, he has to his credit 580 works, including critical editions of classical texts in Sanskrit, Tibetan, Mongolian, Chinese and old Javamer language. Among them are classics like the Tibetan-Sanskrit Dictionary, Materials for a History of Tibetan Literature, Buddhist Iconography of Tibet, and the Dictionary of Buddhist Iconography in 15 volumes. Lokesh Chandra was nominated by the President of of India to the Parliament in 1974-80, and again in 1980-86. He has been Vice-President of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, and Chairman of the Indian Council for Historical Research. Presently he is Director, International Academy of Indian Culture.
Nirmala  Sharma
Nirmala Sharma

Nirmala Sharma is an Art Historian and Professor of Buddhist studies at the International Academy of Indian Culture, New Delhi. She is working on the project of Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts on “Iconography of the Mandalas of the Dukhang of Alchi”.